Wholesome’s Best🏆

Our new Spring/Summer menu launched April 18th and we have gathered your feedback and are proud to share our Spring/Summer Menu Winners for this season!  Our team has worked hard to incorporate different flavours, fresh ingredients and make this one of our best menus yet.  With each new menu cycle, we try our best to introduce new foods and flavours or to take familiar foods and flavours and present them in new and exciting ways as a strategy to widening kids’ palates while still delivering on high quality taste.  We prioritize whole grains, including a variety of both animal and plant-based proteins, sustainable and wild-caught seafood, locally sourced products and foods that appeal to different cultures.  After the first cycle of our menu we want to share some of our staff and customer favourites – The Wholesome Awards.  And the winners are…

RECE Choice Award

This category is based off of feedback from the child care staff on the meals they enjoy most.[/vc_column_text]


Our lunch winner is… Our new and improved butter chicken meal served with naan bread and a side of our California mixed veggies.  Our butter chicken sauce is scratch-made and this meal is a great way to introduce little ones to culturally diverse flavours.

Our snack winner is… Our whole wheat mini bagel served with apple butter for dipping and a side of refreshing orange.  Our apple butter is locally sourced from the town of Wellesley and is one of our top picked items on our pantry list, so feel free to stock up!

Popular Choice Award

This category is based off of survey results from our customers after trying each menu item and is scored based on taste and overall experience.

Our lunch winner is… Our breaded chicken meal served with plum sauce for dipping, a side of brown rice and crisp leafy greens with French dressing.  This is definitely a fan favourite and a classic dish on our Wholesome menu.

Our snack winner is… Our creamy strawberry yogurt topped with whole grain granola and a side of fresh, tangy pineapple.  Our whole grain granola is locally sourced and adds the perfect crunch that kids love.

Most Nutritious Award

This category is chosen by our in-house registered dietitian who analyzes the nutritional value of our meals.

Our lunch winner is… Our balsamic glazed chicken drumstick meal served with a side of brown rice and our sunshine vegetable mix.  This meal is low in sodium, sugar and saturated fat and made with simple, wholesome ingredients.

Our snack winner is… Our whole wheat mini pitas served with a hard boiled egg and cucumber slices.  This snack is crunchy, savoury and protein-packed.

Kid Friendly Award

This category is based on familiarity for children and easiness to serve and eat.

Our lunch winner is… Our Italian seasoned beef with pasta shells in tomato sauce served with a side of green peas.  This scratch-made sauce includes zucchini and squash for some added nutrients and colour contrast, and the kids loved it!

Our snack winner is…Our whole wheat pancake served with apple butter for spreading or dipping.  This pancake is made with 100% whole wheat flour and still just as delicious. A true kid favourite!

Most Original Award

This category includes our most unique and special-to-Wholesome lunch and snack.

Our lunch winner is… Our signature white fish lasagna served with a medley of vegetables.  This dish was developed by our Red Seal Chefs and is made with lake-farmed certified sustainable Basa.

Our snack winner is…Our signature BOB bars.  These banana oatmeal bars are chewy, soft and have the perfect amount of sweetness.

Vegetarian Lovers

This category includes our customers’ favourite vegetarian meals based on customer feedback.

Our lunch winner is…Our classic mac and cheese served with a side of vegan bean and corn salad and sunshine vegetables.  Although we have had a variety of different mac and cheeses on our menus, nothing seems to beat this staple vegetarian meal.

Our snack winner is…Our organic oatmeal apple cookie served with fresh strawberries.  These cookies are vegan and although sweet, are lower in sugar.