Charter & Values

Wholesome Kids Catering is a charter based company where each employee is committed to our charter and is living it to the best of our abilities. Our charter speaks to our higher purpose, and our values.

Wholesome Kids Catering’s core values are of great importance and guide our decisions each day. They are the ingredients of our charter, ensuring the health and wellness of the children , our clients and our company. These values create organizational clarity by keeping our course true to what is uniquely ours.

Our values form the foundation for our culture and we use them to hire, motivate and unite our team. We connect and do our work in a way that lives out our values and supports our higher purpose, to enrich lives for the kids we serve.


In 2016 Wholesome Kids Catering, a division of The Foray Group, was voted one of the Top 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures by Waterstone Group. This award is important as we focus on a positive, healthy, productive and customer focused culture.

We are committed to our charter and healthy culture.  We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with a comprehensive and healthy catering service, where kids, eat, grow and thrive!