Spring/Summer 2023 Menu

Are you ready for our menu launch on April 17th? Here are some new lunches you need to try!

  1. Hidden Bean Lasagna

When it comes to new foods, children tend to judge how they taste based on visual appearance. To help them overcome this barrier, we blend the beans with tomato sauce to make it more appealing. The kids will be surprised to find out there are beans in this yummy pasta!

  1. Moroccan Chickpeas

What’s a better way to introduce plant proteins than to start with something children already like? Since the kids love our Moroccan chicken and are familiar with the flavor, we use the same recipe only substituting chicken with more chickpeas.

There are many benefits to eating more plant foods. They are nutritious, inexpensive, and good for the environment.


  1. Fish Chowder

Knowing kids typically aren’t big fans of fish, our chefs have come up with this wonderful dish to incorporate fish that children will enjoy. The fish is very mild and adds a hint of natural sweetness to this creamy chowder.

Fish is an excellent source of protein, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential in children’s brain health and development.


  1. Teriyaki Turkey Meatball

Meatballs are always a big hit among the little ones. Pairing them with a sweet and savory teriyaki sauce brings an Asian flavor profile that goes perfectly with rice.

  1. Mexican Beef Pasta

If the kids like our classic macaroni & cheese, they’ve got to try this delicious variation with a Mexican twist. We use our creamy cheese sauce as the base and spice it up with a little mild Mexican seasoning.

Including cultural flavors across our menu helps promote diversity and broaden young palates.