Nutrition Month 2024 – We Are Dietitians!

March is Nutrition Month! This year’s nutrition month theme is “We Are Dietitians” and we’re delighted to honour our two Registered Dietitians Emma Minden and Chloe Cheng. Nutrition month is organized by Dietitians of Canada and serves as an opportunity to promote healthy eating habits and provide education about what Dietitians can offer.

Dietitians specialize in the understanding of the science of nutrition and help people apply that information to promote and protect their health and wellness. Dietitians work across a variety of settings and industries ranging from research, policy development, and chronic disease management counselling in clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities and more.

At Wholesome Kids Catering, our dietitians ensure that the menu and food served are nutritionally appropriate and balanced to meet the needs of growing children. They monitor specific nutrients like protein, fats, sodium and sugar, and help to create menus that are appealing to young palates.

Aside from calculating the nutritional needs and contributing to recipe development, they are also concerned with making sure the children under your care have a good eating experience! We provide opportunities for the children to be exposed to new tastes and textures to help broaden their horizons. You’ll find purpose in our dietitians’ strategy to mindfully include plant-based options, ethnically diverse foods and a variety of flavour profiles to enhance their experience. Their role extends beyond this to educating our staff and yours about food safety and dietary guidelines making them an integral part of our team.

At Wholesome Kids, we know that food and the nutrients it offers are the foundation for a healthy and functional body and mind. We also believe that food is delicious! And it can stay that way even when we make food choices that contribute to our health – it’s all about balance. We’re fueling the future, one meal at a time!

Written by Alia Virjee MSCFN, RD