Many Benefits of Nature

Whether you live in a suburb, or in a big city, spending time playing outside, getting dirty, and exploring nature is one of the best extra-curricular activities for kids. It connects mind, body and soul and helps kids develop a sense of community and respect for their environment. When a child is out in nature they are immersed in something bigger than themselves.  They can use all their senses; seeing, hearing, touching, even tasting to explore and discover the outdoors. In nature, a child’s brain has the chance to rejuvenate.

According to a David Suzuki Foundation survey, people who spend time outside when they’re young are 20 percent more likely to take part in outdoor programs or to explore nature on their own when they’re older. And getting kids into nature will provide some of their best childhood memories.

Some of the simplest ways young kids can explore nature is right in their own backyard. Build a garden together and make sure the kids are the ones getting their hands dirty.  Be enthusiastic about nature yourself by making a regular after dinner walk a part of your family’s routine. Walking to your local park can be a ‘nature’ adventure to a young child— they can collect leaves, you can point out trees and bushes and show them the bugs crawling along the curb. Nature is good for everyone’s mental health and the beautiful summer weather makes it easy to get outside and explore our natural surroundings!

Wholesome Kids Catering is committed to providing healthy food that helps give kids energy throughout their day. Nutritious food is just one component of a healthy lifestyle and contributes to the wellness of a child. Healthy eating gives kids the energy to run and explore outside and enjoy a happy, healthy summer.