How to stay on top of your game as we head back to school?

How to stay on top of your game as we head back to school?

The start of a new school year is a dynamic time that brings a mix of emotions. You may be feeling nostalgic for the summer break or rejuvenated and ready to take on new challenges. Either way, back-to-school season can be exciting yet overwhelming. Prioritizing self-care is crucial for creating a positive and supportive learning environment for both staff and children.

3 Ways to nourish your body

Nutrition and self-care are closely intertwined as what you eat has a significant impact on your physical and mental health as well as overall well-being.

Practice mindful eating

Most people have developed the habit of multitasking while eating or skipping meals altogether due to busy schedules. Eating without distractions allows you to listen to your body and notice your hunger and fullness cues. When you slow down and savor your food, you will find the experience much more enjoyable.

Cook more often

Cooking can be a wonderful form of stress reduction and a creative outlet. Keeping staples on hand and batch cooking helps streamline your meal planning, save time, and ensure you have wholesome meals readily available even on your busiest days.

Nurture social connections

Food has always brought people closer together. Take this opportunity to relax, connect with friends and family, and explore new foods.

Remember that self-care goes beyond nutrition. Be sure to take time for relaxation and activities you enjoy!