Happy Nutrition Month!

Happy Nutrition Month!  This year’s theme, “Good for you! Dietitians help you find your healthy”, centres on the idea that healthy eating looks different for everyone.  As dietitians we recognize that everyone has their own culture and traditions, preferences and nutritional needs.

At Wholesome Kids Catering, we know that nutrition is not a “one size fits all”.  We work hard to ensure that all kids’ nutritional needs are met.  Through our menu development process, we make sure to include a variety of items inspired by international cuisines.  We try to choose different flavours that will appeal to different cultures and expose kids to new tastes and textures to slowly but surely broaden their palates.  In addition to this, we manage over 100 food allergies, restrictions, sensitivities and/or preferences to ensure all children’s personal needs are being met.

As the dietitian, I specifically work with the team to ensure that all menus meet the Child Care and Early Years Act guidelines and we are working towards compliance with the Ontario Dietitians in Public Health guidelines for childhood nutrition, specifically for children in child care settings.  This ensures that meals have less added sugars, sodium and saturated fat and are high in vegetables and whole grains.  I support the company with food sourcing, menu development and nutritional analyses.  Whenever we have specific nutrition-related inquiries or needs, I provide extra support and information to our customers, and I look forward to resuming nutrition education, cooking skills and food exploration workshops to our centres when it is safe to do so again.  Cooking with kids allows them to see and share food and cooking traditions while fostering important life skills.

Food is an excellent way for children to experience and learn about different cultures.  Tradition and culture can, and should, be part of everyday healthy eating.  For more information and ideas go to The Food Guide.

Have a happy and healthy nutrition month!