Beyond Allergy Restricitons: Nurturing Inclusive Mealtimes and Healthy Eaters

Imagine the joy on a child’s face when they can finally share a delicious meal with their friends, free from exclusion. We understand the challenges you face at your centre, ensuring every child feels included and receives the vital nutrients they need to Eat, Grow, and Thrive.

We go beyond just navigating allergy restrictions and aim to mimic the main meal wherever we can. Our team of passionate Red Seal Chefs and Registered Dietitians create exciting, allergy-friendly meals that spark an appreciation for healthy eating from a young age. Our menus cater to over 100 allergies, from common concerns to specific dietary needs, ensuring every child eats.

Our gluten-free Meatless Bolognese, bursting with flavour and protein, is made with pea protein instead of meat.  This dish is vegan, vegetarian-friendly and halal. It’s rich in protein and devoid of all major allergens making it suitable for almost everyone at your centre.  This is just one example of our ever-evolving menu, featuring creative dishes that are both delicious and nutritious.

Imagine the relief of knowing even children with egg or dairy allergies can enjoy a tasty vegan pancake. These pancakes serve up a scrumptious meal option that will have even the most finicky eaters asking for seconds while ensuring those with dairy or egg allergies aren’t left out. We’re continuously innovating new dishes so there’s always something fresh and exciting on offer at mealtimes.

At Wholesome Kids, we’re not just about filling tummies; we offer peace-of-mind knowing your kids’ nutritional needs are taken care of in an enjoyable manner. We believe healthy eating habits start young, and by providing tasty yet wholesome alternatives at schools or child care settings, we can make a significant difference in shaping those habits as they move into adulthood.

Our purpose extends beyond merely feeding children, but ensuring each one feels included during mealtimes including those with food sensitivities or lifestyle choices. With us handling your catering needs you’ll be able to focus on what you do best–caring for and educating the next generation–while we ensure they are fueled with nutritious, allergy-friendly meals.