You made it to the school – great work team!  But once again, Canción is nowhere in sight.  Now what will we do?

Luckily, you see your friend Gustavo, the janitor, and call him over to see if he has seen the little dog.

Press play to hear what Gustavo has to say:

“Yes I saw your dog, he’s a wild one isn’t he? Ran all over the property. I tried to catch him in the front here but no luck. He made a friend out there on the sidewalk, some passerby stopped, knelt down and rubbed his head. He seemed to take a liking to him and followed him down the street and out of my view.

I recognized the guy, I think he lives locally but I couldn’t put a name to him. He’s one of those creative types, experienced and passionate about his work.”


Maybe if you find that man, he can help you locate Cancion!  Hmmm…  he sounds very familiar. Need to return to the Bulletin Board?

Only the correct answer will reveal the SUBMIT button and allow you to move ahead. If your answer is entered incorrectly, no button will appear and you will need to try again.
If you get really stuck, there are clues to reveal and the answer to each puzzle by clicking ‘Need Some Help’ below.

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