Great work!  You’ve made it to the Airport.  But you don’t see Cancion anywhere!

When you call his name, there is a friendly pilot named Mariana that comes over to give you some help.

Press play to hear what Mariana has to tell you:

“That dog I tell you, he really likes the chase. I ran after him and I went up 3 flights of stairs, turned to my left and ran for 2 minutes before I had to take the elevator up 3 more floors. I noticed he ran down the west hallway so I turned to chase him past 5 blocks of shoppes. He repeated the same steps all over the airport. I bet if you follow his pattern, you’ll find him somewhere in the city.”

I wonder how this information will help us?  Let’s go back to the Bulletin Board to see if we can make any sense of these clues and find where Canción has gone now!

Only the correct answer will reveal the SUBMIT button and allow you to move ahead. If your answer is entered incorrectly, no button will appear and you will need to try again.
If you get really stuck, there are clues to reveal and the answer to each puzzle by clicking ‘Need Some Help’ below.

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