Before I knew it one thing led to another and now my friends (or even complete strangers) ask me for food advice for their kids. It all started when I got into the fitness industry 13 years ago, teaching exercise classes, personal training and obtaining a Kinesiology degree. Actually, that’s not it. It started when I was about 6. My lunches were noticeably different than everyone else’s. More geeky, if you will. But also much healthier, which I did not care about or appreciate at the time, although now I am eternally thankful. Thus began my (gradual) interest in healthy food.

These days, when I’m not experimenting in the kitchen, googling how to cook some bizarre vegetable I found at the farmer’s market, teaching my 5-year old son how to crack eggs, taking my 3-year old to gymnastics, singing with my kids, or attempting to garden, I jog in the rain (it rains a lot in Vancouver), hike and do yoga. My official jobs: mother of three, freelance writer, personal trainer specializing in pre and postnatal fitness, and healthy meal advisor- fancy way of saying: I recommend ways to get your kids to eat what you make and to eat healthy foods.

This site is for anyone seeking healthy recipe ideas, fitness tips for kids, tips on improving their child’s diet and ways to revolutionize the way we think about what kids can and should be eating.


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  1. What a fantastic blog! As a mom of not only a picky eater but also, a “non-eater” all wrapped up in one I find your advise very useful. Thank you!

  2. Elizabeth, I love your recipes, I have bookmarked so many and have already tried a handful, thanks for sharing your love for food, fitness, family, and fun – all wrapped up in a fantastic package, this beautiful little corner of the world wide web! Thanks, Ettie

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