two-toned zucchini salad

IMG_4556This zucchini salad satisfies the “potato-salad-craving” as one of my dear friends put it, only with no mayonnaise and no potato. Perfect for a BBQ side dish or as a sandwich filling.

Two-Toned Zucchini Salad:

2 yellow zucchinis thinly sliced

2 green zucchinis thinly sliced

2 sweet onions thinly sliced

1 cloves minced garlic

3-5 hard-boiled eggs

1 tablespoon dried dill

1 tablespoon mustard

sea salt

freshly cracked pepper


In a large pan, sauté the sweet onion in olive oil on low for at least 10 minutes (should be a caramelized-brown color). It’s usually 20 minutes for me because I’ve forgotten about it.

Add the minced garlic and dill. Stir

Add the sliced zucchini and stir periodically until zucchini is wilted and slightly transparent

Turn up the heat and stir a few more minutes if there is a lot of liquid

Plop (that’s actually the sound it makes) into a large serving bowl

Peel and roughly chop the eggs, add to the zucchini-onion salad

Add mustard, sea salt and freshly cracked pepper

Eat some. Adjust seasonings if necessary

Note: you can use only green zucchinis and regular onions, if that’s all you have


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