monster radishes

IMG_4343Our little garden is coming along nicely. We’ve made great progress since planting (read an unexpected surprise). I was under the impression that radishes were petite, elegant vegetables. Not in our backyard. The radishes here are monster-vegetables that have thorns and huge scary-looking leaves that are taller than the kids. They’ve taken over the garden and it looks like some kind of unkempt mini forest in there. The poor beets and cauliflower, I don’t know how they’ll survive. But these unsightly radishes seem to be edible. At least, nothing has happened to us. Yet.

It seems our adventures in gardening will never end. That’s the beauty of planting your own food. It’s unpredictable and there’s no way to know which veggies will grow, which will die, or which will become beastly things.


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