where do fish come from?





How often do you serve a whole fish for dinner? I’m talking the head, eyeballs and tail?

I was at a big lunch this weekend and they had huge salmon that people were carving. Some poor kids looked like they were watching a horror movie. Which got me thinking, shouldn’t kids know where fish come from? They’re not caught as perfectly shaped, breaded sticks.

But it seems that nature is no match for science. We have the technology to extract vitamins and antioxidants, so we don’t have to waste time eating the real foods. Just take some pills. I am not discrediting vitamins- many people need them. But not all. And not all kids, especially if they’re eating properly.

Author Michael Pollan, who wrote the Omnivore’s Dilemma, said it perfectly: “The food industry has gazed upon nature and found it wanting- and has gotten to work improving it…I realized that the straightforward question ‘What should I eat?’ could no longer be answered without first addressing two other even more straightforward questions: ‘What am I eating? And where in the world did it come from?'” The fact that we can’t easily answer these questions is indicative that we are getting farther from the source.

Maybe instead of spending time researching which DHA pills have the highest concentration of DHA and least fishy taste, research how to cook poached salmon in dill sauce.


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