an unexpected surprise

IMG_2946When the sun comes out in Vancouver people go crazy with excitement. Life just stops. Or maybe it starts. However you look at it, there’s a tangible change in the air and people come out from hiding because they don’t know when they’ll see the sun next. It’s likely to be in July. Our family followed suit and yesterday we continued on our gardening adventure (read time to get dirty) and finished the weeding. While we were on the search for worms and centipedes we came across an oddly-shaped, orange root that resembled a short carrot. And then I realized that, in fact, it was a carrot. We found three in total. We had planted carrots last spring and I forgot about them (surprise surprise) and amazingly these knobbly nuggets were still there, patiently waiting to be discovered. Three peewee carrots, one for each budding gardener in the family. How sweet and crunchy they were!

Now the only problem is, what the heck are we going to plant this year?


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