what’s for dinner?

Eggs in cartonI love scuba diving. And riding a motorcycle. And skydiving. Having kids has made me (slightly) more reliable and mature, but how to satisfy my cravings for adrenaline? The easy solution (aside from leaving the house without diapers. Which can be quite exhilarating. Until you have to ask a complete stranger if they have any extra diapers and wipes and then put up with the “what an irresponsible mother” looks, of course) is to wait until 5 pm before deciding what’s for dinner. This is serious stuff for the adrenaline junkie. But without my arsenal of wholesome ingredients, my unrelenting need for excitement has potentially unhealthy consequences.

Don’t get stuck resorting to wieners. For that matter, why would you want to eat something called wiener anyway? Food companies play on your fears of having nothing good for dinner, but keeping a well stocked kitchen can be all you need to make sure emergency dinner doesn’t become artery-clogging, salt-overdosing quality family time. If you don’t buy these “emergency foods” you won’t use them in emergencies. It seriously takes just as long to saute snap peas, mini carrots, pre-sliced mushrooms and cubes of tofu with soy sauce, sesame oil and rice vinegar, as it does to make instant macaroni & cheese, if not faster.

It’s ok to use the same ingredients over and over, just treat them differently depending on what’s cookin’. Season, prepare and combine your ingredients so that each dish has its own individual character and flavor.

The well stocked fridge:



cilantro & parsley

lemon & lime


soy sauce

sesame oil

white wine

variety of veggies


The well stocked pantry:

olive oil

apple cider, red wine, and rice vinegars

herbs & spices

tomato paste

tomato sauce

whole tomatoes


canned salmon

peanut & almond butters

red wine

apricot jam

dried beans of all kinds

whole grain rice of all kinds



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