radishStart slow, pick small and gradual changes and keep your eyes on the goal. Experts recommend this way because it works. So what’s it going to be?

Move more With and without the pipsqueaks. Exercising on your own sets an example, not to mention all the benefits it has for you. Which I won’t mention. Since you should know them by now. More on physical activity.

Read more of what’s on the back of what you’re about to buy. Nutrition labels exist to help you make healthier choices.

Eat more veggies, fruits, whole grains and nuts & seeds and fatty fish, and, and, and.

Research more Ask the kids to pick a country and research together what people eat there, then shop and cook together to recreate an ethnic dish.

Talk more about different foods and how they affect the body, as well as what vitamins, minerals and fiber do.

Experiment more with new foods, like gluten free grains such as buckwheat or quinoa, or vegan bean patties, or halibut, or guava, or tempeh (which, frankly, I have yet to try myself), or anything you’ve heard of and thought what the heck is that? Well, find out and make it.

Think more Not only about what you buy, cook and put on the table, but how you eat as well. Kids have the mysterious ability to catch us messing up. And they remember everything. When my 2-year-old inquired “mommy do you need a bib?” I realized that yes, in fact, someone did notice me dripping food all over myself because I was too lazy to get a napkin, let alone a plate.

Plant more Even homes with no backyard can provide favourable circumstances for green-thumbed explorers. Consider planting this spring. If you’re new to gardening, choose easier, quick-to-grow options, like radishes.

Watch less of just about everything. On a screen, that is.

Eat less The usual suspects are obvious, but consider foods like white pasta, convenience or packaged foods (like most granola bars or cereals), sweetened yogurt, or food targeted to toddlers and preschoolers (like animal crackers, which are often high in sugar and low in the good stuff).

Drink less juice

Shop less Having a well stocked pantry is a great time-saver. Or you can plan your meals the week before and shop once a week for everything you’ll need. Who am I kidding. I never do that. But for the coordinated parents reading this: woohoo, you deserve a medal. Seriously.

Worry less about the past. Decide now to look ahead and remember, it’s never too late to make changes.


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