potato rant

Whoever invented the deep-fried potato surely didn’t realize the sin he was committing. Granted that once in a while deep-fried potatoes, beautifully brown and crisp and cooked in fine oil or fat, can be a compliment to a good chicken or a grilled pig’s foot, or a fine steak. But the notion that these bits of potato- when limp, greasy, without flavor or texture and barely warm- should be served with every dish in the world is odious beyond belief…Then to crown all other horrors, people drench them with cold catchup and eat them! I have watched these same people consume nothing but a double order of French fries (and where that name came from, I don’t know) for lunch, along with bread and, of course, catchup.

Quoted from Delights & Prejudices by James Beard

James can be pretty opinionated. But when it comes to potatoes, I couldn’t agree more. Well. Except for the pig’s foot. The humble tuber can be a heavenly side-dish when roasted with olive oil, garlic and rosemary. Or baked with a light sprinkling of cheese and dill. But how did fries become it’s own food group? And more importantly, how the heck did it end up on the kid’s menu?


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