end of the season

Country Farm

Where can you find local cabbage bigger than your head? Or local German nugget potatoes? And oyster, cremini, chanterelle, button and portobello mushrooms, varieties of local squashes, greens aplenty, Japanese eggplant, snow-white turnips, golden beets, local leeks? Richmond Country Farms is the place to be. My kids behave like angels because I remind them that after we shop we can visit the chickens, geese, goats, lambs and horses. Prices are reasonable and it’s local-produce-galore in this farm market, just off Steveston Highway in Richmond B.C. I’ve also never gotten in trouble for letting my 2-year-old wander around with his own shopping basket, filling it with an assortment of fruits and veggies that I do not intend to buy (the contents of this basket relies heavily on which items are at eye level with someone 2 feet tall). My one qualm is that I’d love to see more organic options, although they do have a little organic section tucked away on the side. The farm is open until December 23rd. Then they close for the season and re-open in the Spring.

Looking for meal ideas? Visiting without a shopping list will provide ample inspiration.


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