i’ll have the kid’s meal

What do you picture when you hear “the kid’s meal”? Why do many restaurants (and parents), assume that little ones will only eat if hot dogs, mac and cheese, fries and chicken fingers are doled out?

I went to Banff on an all-inclusive trip in 2009, and was amazed that at each meal, upon noticing my 2 year old, my waiter proudly recited the kids menu. I think, “why the heck would I give him chicken nuggets when he can have grilled salmon, roast duck or tomato-basil soup? (After all, who knows the next time I’ll have a chance to give roast duck to my 2-year old. Or come to think of it, when I’ll eat it myself). Foods from the “kid’s menu” have measly amounts of nutrition and are packed with calories.

It’s tempting to lean on the kid’s menu.

But I’m proposing we redefine the kid’s meal: whatever mom is eating but smaller.

Be persistant: remind your buttercup that she isn’t so special that she gets different food than everyone else (but in a loving way, of course) and encourage your child to taste everything on the plate.

This might take getting used to (by everyone), but persistence and encouragement will help children develop a diverse taste for nutritious food- tastes that will last a lifetime.


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